Benefits of DOM Dugout Manager

Premier solution for all Baseball and Softball dugouts
  • Patented Product
  • Manufacture In the USA
  • Affordable
  • Cost effective
  • Simple & Ingenious
  • Engineered aerodynamic design hangs securely on any chain link fence
Innovated two-tier hanging system, locks DOM securely in place
  • Top offset slots
  • Upside down V
  • 4th base drink support
  • Two versatile 45 degree angled hooks, one on each side
  • Custom Bat holder with specialized tips designed to keep bat secure in place
  • One piece
  • Compact 9 X 9
  • Lightweight 8 oz.
  • High quality durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • UV Stabilizer added provides extra protection from the Suns ultraviolet rays
  • Team and Individual dugout management organization system
  • Safe
  • Classy textured surface with the name embossed for fun and to identify its uniqueness.
  • Baseball Softball design embossed in the letter (O) of the word DOM
  • Fits into any equipment bag
Equipment solutions - No more expensive bats & gloves being
  • Misplaced
  • Lost
  • Damaged
  • Scattered on the ground
  • Under benches
  • Bunched up leaning against the fence
  • Being slammed into a metal cylinder
  • No more custom helmets& expensive gloves being kicked around, laying on the dirty dugout floor or scattered all over the bench
  • No more confusion during or at the end of the game
  • No more lost or wasted DRINKS.
  • The DOM is not limited to only the six important pieces of equipment it can also be used to hold a cap, visor, towel, under armor, windbreaker catchers gear, and coaches gear. On the same hooks under the Glove or Helmet.
Dugout solutions
  • Professional
  • Safer
  • Managed
  • Organized
  • Clean
  • Professional
  • Relaxed
  • Calmer and Fun
Training tool
  • Discipline - Trains players to organize value and protect their equipment.
  • Confidence - Players are relaxed and calmer, no more feelings of urgency or panic scrambling to find their equipment during the transitions from Offense to Defense.
  • Organization - Bat, Ball, Glove, Batting Gloves, Helmet, Jacket, and fluids/drink in one place.
  • Efficiency and Time Management - Quick efficient calm transitions from Offense to Defense.
  • Money Savings - No misplaced equipment and drinks, no more unnecessary damage to equipment, including dropping a $200 to $300 bat into a steel sleeve or under a bench to be stepped on or against the fence to be kicked and trip over.
  • Focus - Increased focus on the Fun, Strategies and Excitement of the game and not having to be focused and detracted about player's safety in the dugout and tracking equipment.
Players will now know exactly where to find each piece of their expensive equipment.
No more hurried and panicky searches at those critical moments transitioning from offense to defense.