Best Nutrition for Softball Players

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Best Nutrition for Softball Players

Whenever you watch a softball game you may notice a lot of inactivity. Let’s face it, softball players stand around a lot. Whether they are wandering around the out?eld or sitting on the bench waiting for their turn to hit; they don’t look like they are doing much.

It’s interesting how easy it is to have that perception of softball. The truth is that softball is an explosive sport. While the softball players may not be constantly moving they must always be ready to move at a moment’s notice. Softball is a very explosive game. It’s just that there are long periods of inactivity between action. You might think that a softball player’s diet wasn’t important, but you’d be wrong.

The best nutrition for softball players is just as important for softball players as it is for any other athlete. If you want to perform your best then you have to make sure you give your body the proper fuel. This is especially important on game day. A race car won’t be very fast if its gas tank is empty, in fact it won’t even get started. Proper nutrition before during and after you take the ?eld can have a huge impact on your performance.

Pre-Game Nutrition: This is a good time for some carbohydrates. It is ok to have protein and fat obviously, but they take too long to digest. Speaking of, you have to be very careful with the timing of your pre-workout meal. You don’t want to take the ?eld with food sitting heavily on your stomach. You need easily digested foods, and for larger meals you want to allow 3-5 hours to digest. Obviously smaller meals will take less time than that. When in doubt always err on the side of caution when it comes to meal timing.

In-Game Nutrition: This is de?nitely the time for some liquid carbs. You want to make sure that you stay hydrated. Getting dehydrated is never a good idea as it can lead to muscle cramps. Not only that but it can also lead to diminished coordination and performance. Do not wait until you get thirsty to start drinking, by that time it will be too late.

Post-Workout Nutrition: This is the time to recover and refuel your reserves. It is best to consume your ?rst workout meal within an hour of your game. Again more carbohydrates are necessary, but don’t forget the protein. This is also a time to replenish any sodium and potassium that was lost during the game. You have to rebuild so you can be ready for practice the next day.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that nutrition isn’t important for softball players. If you want to succeed at softball you’ve to be just as disciplined as other sports. Making sure that your body is properly fueled properly so you can last the entire game is part of being a successful athlete. If you fail to plan your nutrition properly your performance can and most likely will suffer.