• Simple safe light weight portable one piece solution.
  • Innovated Patented design is well suited but not limited to hang the DOM on chain link fences. It's the engineered combination of the Patented top offset slots and the reverse V that enable the DOM to stay in place while support of all six items without tilting or falling.
  • The unique Patented upside down V support will allow you to hang an object on one side without tilting
  • Fits into any equipment bag.
  • The Patented U-shaped bat receiving design will hold any Bat; the opening tips are slightly tilted and tapered with uplifted custom tips to prevent the Bat or other objects (catching gear) from sliding off.
  • Fun, sleek well thought out Patented aerodynamic design.
  • Classy textured surface with the name embossed for fun and to identify its uniqueness.
  • A Baseball Softball design embossed in the letter (O) of the word DOM at the top, ads to the fun.
  • Its unique triangular shape includes a center Patented 3" drink support, no more wasted drinks
  • The two Patented 45 degree angled hooks one on each side is well suited for but not limited to holding a Glove, Ball, Batting Gloves, Helmet, Jersey, long sleeve shirt or towel.
All of the items listed above are times 12 up to 15 at a minimum; this includes 13 to 15 individuals at practice and on game day. The Dugout can have over 100 pieces of equipment strewn about; this does not include the coach’s or their gear and equipment that may also be in the dugout.
DOM Dugout Manager currently has ten colors to choose from, Red, White, Blue (translucent) Hot Pink, Black, Burgundy Navy Blue, Orange, Green and Purple. All have UV stabilizer added to provide extra protection from the Suns ultraviolet rays to extend the life of your DOM.