How many kids are playing baseball in the world?

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How many kids are playing baseball in the world?
Has your kid been thinking about a new sport to take part in recently? Or perhaps they’ve been begging you to let them join the local baseball team? Let them! Here’s why: Kids absolutely love, playing baseball. It’s a team sport which involves all of their friends from either school or the local neighbourhood and they all get together and have a great time. It teaches them team work, motion skills, makes them fit, keeps them healthy and most importantly gives them the great social interaction that so many kids lack these days thanks to the advance of technology. Playing in a structured team sport like baseball will give your kid so many life lessons and let them evolve physically and emotionally in a sport that they love playing.
How many kids are playing?
Baseball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, currently there are over 3 million kids are playing in the US alone and approximately 10 Million around the world! As of 2012, they estimated that over three million kids play Little League baseball each year. Little League was started in 1939 as a one sport that younger children could play and enjoy. In 2013, Little League teams can be found throughout the United States and around the world.
They will love learning from a sport that teaches them how to behave in various situations such as losing and winning. Children are acute observers and will learn from others on how to correctly deal with a situation, they will learn how to deal with the feelings of losing and how to have a great time celebrating when they’re winning; these are all skills they will take with them throughout life. So go on, your kids love the idea of baseball, so let them have a go! Who knows they could be the next Babe Ruth. Have fun and Enjoy!