About Us

The inventor and designer, John Doran, like all those before him, Coaches, Managers and Parent tried many ways to provide a safer organized dugout and protect the player’s equipment.  

John experimented with all the hooks, bungee cords, ropes, hangers, baskets and even the old door shoe organizer to hold the drinks.

During the past five years John has experimented with many materials and methods, each time striving for a simple one piece solution that provide  a safe organized Dugout while protecting the six most important tools of all players Bat, Ball, Glove, Batting Gloves, Helmet, and fluids/drink.

After many attempts at designs, revisions and experimentation the first model of the Dugout Manager is the ideal team and personal organizational system.

At first, one would think the DOM was invented to protect the costly equipment, such as the Bat, Airbrushed helmet and that fine, broke in favorite glove. However it was the $1.00 to $2.00 drink being wasted each game that really started the softball rolling, Ha Ha.... John was amazed at the end of each game collecting all of those unused or partially used drinks from the dugout.

Take the average of 15 player’s (15 X $2.00= $30.00 a game, it adds up quickly as the season and or seasons past.

Many of the kids said they had lost track of whose drink was whose and did not want to have it, please throw it away.

Once the kids are no longer sure if it is their drink they will not drink it, the Kids will even go ask for a new drink. 
John wanted the DOM Dugout Manager to be unique and fun, not a boring piece of metal that could scratch or ding the player’s equipment in the equipment bag. 

As soon as he had figured out the engineering and design that would support the equipment he started to focus on making the Dugout Manager Fun, sleek with a kind of modern aerodynamic design.

Next he added a Classy textured surface with the name, “The DOM” at the top and “Dugout Manager” at the bottom embossed for fun and to identify its uniqueness.

Last but not least he added a fun touch by having a Baseball/Soft ball design embossed in the letter (O) of the word DOM at the top.

John new the younger kids would have fun with the DOM; however he was not sure how the teens would respond.

To his surprise the teens appeared to have interest in the DOM and its unique features.

Each time he introduced the DOM to a group of kids and adults the first response is, what is that? Once you show everyone what the DOM is made for the response as a group is, oh, then, cool, then something like, wow that’s legit, then can I try one or how do I get one? Either the group starts laughing or has this amazed/baffled look then everyone wants to have fun trying different ways to hang equipment.

Of course John is excited about the response from Baseball and Softball Coaches, Managers and Parent, however has been blown away by the strong excitement and response of the players of all ages ranging from 5 years to 18 years old.

John is already in the process of creating a fun new product to be introduced in the near future. 
John commented recently that although it’s taken five years that the journey was more enjoyable then the success of holding the product in his hands and that so many are exited and want the DOM.    

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