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Anyone who is involved with daily operations of a travel or rec youth baseball team, knows what happens between innings in the dugout…”Where’s my?”….being said by at least 4 players. Not to mention, bats and mitts, from one side of the dugout to the other. You can attempt to get the boys to keep their equipment under the bench or in a bat holder…it doesn’t work. I was so excited to see a product on the market that solves those issues and so much more. After receiving my D.O.M., it is everything as expected and more. It actually motivated our boys to keep the dugout clean but also makes them feel like a pro. My 10 year old, wanted me to drive to the ballfield so he could put it in the dugout and see how it worked. He said, everyone is gonna want one of these, mom. He’s right, TRY IT YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! This is a incredible tool that is cost efficient, the kids love it and so do I!

AnneMarie N. February 18, 2018