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Can’t live without it.

Bought these for all the girls at the end of our All Star season...wish we had bought them in the beginning. Not only do they keep all the equipment out from under your feet, but the girls transition from offense to defense much fasted because they know
exactly where all their stuff is. Plus the owners of the company are wonderful to work with and very accommodating.

Melissa C.

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I would like to say thank you to the proprietor of the Dugout manager. She is a very HONEST woman who has only the customer in mind. I admittedly failed to see the "Team" link, and paid for each individually. She called me personally to tell me I overpaid
and that the deal I didn't see included free shipping. She sent me a check for my overpayment of each unit and the shipping. It is a blessing to see good honest business people in the world. I will tell anyone I know who asks about the Dugout Manager and encourage
as many people I know in the baseball world to use this product. Thanks again for your HONESTY!

Tony S.

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Best organizer

Many times, while attending one of my son’s games at the ballpark, I found I had to nearly sit on my hands because the dugout is where the team sits, was always in such disarray. I almost could’t help myself and wanted to run down there and pick things up. Maybe it’s the Mom in me, or the OCD need to have a tidy work area but Oh Man! I wanted to make sure everything was in its place first so the kids could give their game all of the attention it required. I really love the Dugout Manager. What a great idea! It’s everything a Mom would want in a well-oiled and organized machine. It’s perfect for organization in a tight schedule and the idea of total safety amazing! I can’t believe this organizer! The time value of what this organizer does is incredible. You never can know when your little slugger will have 3 up and 3 down and have to go back out into the field seemingly as soon as they sit down. Many times the kids have had to delay getting themselves back out onto the field because they couldn't’t find their equipment! What a mess it was! Now that isn’t a problem anymore and I, for one, love it! I see a total need for this at every little league game and practice. This makes a huge difference. Also it acts as a drink holder, what a great idea??? I know this can cut down on the transmission of germs from one player to another and thus, will cut down on the absenteeism. This Dugout manager is such a good idea I can’t imagine not having it now. It’s made all the difference in the world! Thank you!!!

Martha T

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The DOM is a great product!

The Dug Out Manager is a great new product. Good price and good quality. I use it for all my teams. High School and Travel Ball. Bobby Flores Head Varsity Softball Coach Grand Terrace HS Firecracker Coach

Bobby F.

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My 3 year LOVES this product

My daughter is playing her first year of TBall this season. She has been on a field with me and get brother for the last 3 years, she knows the game like the back of her hand. She has helped clean up a dugout a time or two. So at 3 years old she knows the importance of the DOM. She had the girlie pink.of course and the first thing she does every have or practice is put her DOM of the fence and loud out up with her pink bat, pink helmet, and pink glove. This is an awesome product and we love every part of it. No more messy dug out looking for her things!!

Cassie E.

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Great product. Highly recommended. A must for any baseball or softball player!

My son has the DOM. He absolutely loves it. It helps keep the dugout organized. Have you ever heard a player say "Coach, I can't find my glove." or "Where's my bat?" or "I need my hat, I thought it was here."....... I guarantee with the DOM, you won't be hearing these comments much! It is an absolute must for any baseball or softball player. I think it's a great product and would love to have all my players have one. I give it 2 thumbs up!!!


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As a coach of 2 teams keeping our dugout organized is a huge problem. I am one of those coaches that can not stand a cluttered dugout and with coaching 8 and 9 year olds this was quite impossible. With the help of the DOM keeping our dugout safe and clean has made my dream come true. We all know that baseball equipment is expensive to replace, but imagine what might happen if you step on a bat and break your ankle thats even worse. Get yourself a DOM and all of your worries about a clean safe dugout will be gone. I sincerely tell everyone i meet about this great product now go buy one and find out for yourself.

James E.

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Anyone who is involved with daily operations of a travel or rec youth baseball team, knows what happens between innings in the dugout..."Where's my?"....being said by at least 4 players. Not to mention, bats and mitts, from one side of the dugout to the other. You can attempt to get the boys to keep their equipment under the bench or in a bat doesn't work. I was so excited to see a product on the market that solves those issues and so much more. After receiving my D.O.M., it is everything as expected and more. It actually motivated our boys to keep the dugout clean but also makes them feel like a pro. My 10 year old, wanted me to drive to the ballfield so he could put it in the dugout and see how it worked. He said, everyone is gonna want one of these, mom. He's right, TRY IT YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! This is a incredible tool that is cost efficient, the kids love it and so do I!

AnneMarie N.

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The DOM dugout manager is the Boss of the dugout!!!

I'm very impressed w/ the DOM. My daughter plays fast pitch softball and as a coach i immediately saw the difference because it kept her organize she wasn't searching for her gloves,helmet, bat or Gatorade. Which made for less down time between innings and more warm up when taken the field. The DOM is well made holds just about everything a player needs. I'll be recommending them to the whole team.

Felipe R.

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Awesome Product

I seen the Dugout Manager and immediately knew this was something I had to try out so I contacted the company and with days had my team equipped with the DOM! I have never had a cleaner, more organized dugout! The quality is second to none and the design, although simple it is very well thought out! I recommend the DOM to any parent, player or coach if you would like a nice organized way to keep your dugout safe, and clutter free! I just introduced the DOM to our All-Star team and the boys thought that they were really cool! We will be taking the DOM to our All-Star tournaments on our road to winning State!

Brian H.

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Super product

First of all I want to thank Dugout Manager for sponsoring my little league baseball team. DOM donated their great product on short notice just before our season. Our kids love it and take a lot of pride in keeping their equipment organized with the help of DOM. I would recommend it to every team, from t-ball all the way up to high school.

Gino T.

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Great product and Well Built

Just got a DOM for my niece a few weeks ago and she called to tell me how much she loves it! What makes her so happy with it, is the sturdy construction and how it keeps all her gear together. Her friends are planning to order the DOM. A few of her friends have a similar product, but are planning on getting the DOM due to it's superior construction. The other product is cheap and not as versatile. My sister liked that it came with the bag

Daniel K.

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Simply Ingenious

Who would've thought of something so simple yet so efficient and organized. My son's baseball team LOVES theirs. None of the clutter all through the dugout; they're equipment is right where they placed it when they first arrived. No wondering Who's Who of Gloves or Hats or Gatorades. Who's the genius who came up with this? A big THANK YOU!

Angi C.

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Great product!

The Dug Out Manager is awesome! It does just what the name says...It manages the mess in the dug out! I love the organization! It is easy to use totally practical, keeps all the expensive bats, balls and gloves in one place and the colors are fun. I highly recommend the Dug Out manager!

Rosemary S.

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DOM wonderful product! Highly recommend!!

As a coach of a H.S. team I was looking for something to keep my players organized. After much research I found the DOM.It holds all their gear in one place and although it is not large in size, it is surprisingly very strong. The players feedback has been nothing but positive. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Joe G.