The best work out program for young baseball players

baseball training

What is the best workout program for young baseball players?

Baseball is a very unique sport that requires a very unique set of skills.  If you want to be an elite player then you have to possess
all 5 tools.  That means that you need to hit for average, hit for power, field, throw, and run.  Some of these skills cannot be improved in the weight room.  However, you can improve your physical tools by choosing the correct exercises for baseball.

Baseball training should mainly focus on two areas; overall strength and explosive power.  Most of baseball’s action occurs in very short bursts.  You have to be able to change direction, and generate power quickly.  How long does it take to swing a bat or throw a ball? Usually less than a second, and then that is followed by inactivity. It makes no sense for baseball players to jog long distances. Baseball is an anaerobic sport, not an aerobic sport.  So what are some good strength exercises for baseball?

1. Front Squat
2. Deadlift
3. Overhead Press
4 Snatch Grip High Pull
5. Farmers Walk

Front Squat – For baseball players this is a better exercise than the back squat.  It forces you to stay in a much more upright position, and provides more core work.  The abdominals and lower back of a baseball player need to be rock solid.

Deadlift – This shouldn’t need any explanation.  The deadlift is probably the single best test of strength we have available to us.
Not only does it build tremendous posterior chain strength, it also is a great diagnostic tool.  No matter what else you are doing, if you deadlift is improving then your program is working.

Overhead Press – We all know that everyone loves the bench press. However, this is a better exercise for baseball players than the bench press.  It teaches you to be strong and stay tight while standing. That is exactly what you need.  It also addresses shoulder imbalances that the bench press neglects.

Snatch Grip High Pull – Being explosive is important for baseball. Many people suggest Olympic lifts for athletes.  However lifts like the Snatch Grip High Pull are much easier to teach and provide the same benefits.  There is no reason to waste time teaching a baseball player proper Clean Form when he could be getting better at his sport.

Farmers Walk – Loaded carries are important for any athlete.  Again, they teach you to be strong and stable while moving.  They also build forearm and grip strength which is very important to a baseball player.

Now obviously this is a relatively short list.  There are many other exercises that can help you become a better ballplayer.  However these five exercises will help you strengthen the basic movement pattern of the sport.  The truth is whatever you do in the gym should have a direct effect on your play on the field.  You don’t need to waste your time on the latest fads.  Stick with the basics.  Remember, if it doesn’t make you better at baseball then it is a waste of time.