Why Kids Should Play Sports

Why Kids Should Play Sports

Why Kids Should Play Sports:- Of the roughly 50 million children in the U.S. ranging from ages of 7 and 18, over half play sports in one form or another, whether casual or in some form of organization. Participation rates are lower for those not yet in high school and there is, a extensive concern about the lack of physical activity among the nation’s youth. There are some benefits they are associated with the participation in Sports.

Here are the top four.

Regular Physical Activity/Overall Health

Children who play sports are engaged in regular physical activity which promotes overall health. Sports participation helps the body build strong bones, muscles, and joints as well help to maintain body weight. Engaging regularly in a sport also builds good physical habits that can last a lifetime, promoting lifelong health.

Self Esteem & Confidence Building

Kids who are active in sports are generally more confident than their peers who do not. Receiving praise and encouragement from coaches and parents helps to build self-esteem. It is also helps kids learn how to accept constructive criticism and use it to their benefit. Kids who play sports learn to trust their own abilities and work to become better not only in their sport, but in other areas of their life as well.

Teaches Teamwork & Competition

Involving children in sports helps develop social skills like cooperation, something that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. Kids learn how to deal with other kids their own age as well as their coaches. The value of teamwork and working together to accomplish a task is another lifelong skill that is learned through playing sports. Children involved in sports also learn how to compete against others, something they will do their entire lives.

Academic Success

It has proven in various studies that children who are involved in athletics excel in school. They learn the value of hard work and dedication and apply that to their studies. According to one such study, research showed that those who played high school sports increase the chances of a student-athlete graduating from college.