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        Keep the Dugout Safe; organize all your equipment in one place!

Baseball and Softball are played around the world, kids age 5 (t-ball) up to age 18 (college) have fun learning and playing baseball and softball. Today each player has their own bat, helmet, visor or cap, catching glove, batting glove, hydration fluid (water or Gatorade) and a sweatshirt or light jacket. Think about it, 12 to 15 kids or teenagers, in a small narrow space with all that equipment. It’s common for players to scatter their equipment and other belongings all over the dugout, NOT SAFE.

What makes the DOM Dugout Manager so unique?  It’s simply ingenious, high quality, affordable, compact, lightweight and portable equipment Dugout Organizer that hangs on any equipment bag ready to use. It’s time to end dugout clutter and chaos…

Our organizer comes in 6 different colors. Choose the color of your preference.

      The perfect complete solution to the unsafe, unorganized dugout

CSI Creative Sports Innovations proudly presents the next generation DOM Dugout Manager, The patent-pending robust Transformer! The Transformer’s unique engineered shape resembles one of those mighty robots from the movies. It will transform any UNSAFE, UNORGANIZED, CHAOTIC and MESSY Baseball and Softball Dugout to a SAFE, ORGANIZED, PROFESSIONAL & FUN dugout. The transformer will hold 2 bats, has a newly designed center helmet holder for both Baseball & Softball players with a newly designed deeper 2 tear drink holder with the upper band to keep your favorite beverage from falling out no matter how hard you shake the fence and will also hang your protective eyewear or glasses.

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