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dugout manager, Softball dugout organizer

dug out manager

dug out manager

dug out manager

dug out manager

Kids love playing softball and baseball, but you wouldn’t always know it by the way their equipment gets treated. It’s common for players to toss their bats, gloves, helmets, and drinks all over the place. A dugout organizer is the solution to create and organize and professional dugout.

That is frustrating for coaches and makes it tough to instill discipline during games when players are wasting time finding their equipment. Why spend money on expensive Bats, Gloves, Helmets, only to see them get lost or damaged?

The DOM is a dugout organization is a compact, lightweight, portable, and easy to use softball/ baseball equipment rack that ends dugout clutter and chaos. With this device a dugout is safe, calm, relaxed, and has a professional appearance.

The DOM attaches to any chain link fence and holds a player’s equipment securely in place. It is unlike any other baseball rack holder or softball dugout equipment organizer.

What makes this equipment holder so unique is that it holds more just than a bat and helmet. This softball equipment organizer can hang a batting glove, fielding gloves, a visor, under armor, a bat, a helmet and the catcher’s equipment all in one small space. The DOM even has a cup holder to hold your favorite drink!

dugout manager, dugout organizer, hang baseball equipment, baseball organizer, softball organizer

Coaches and umpires can also hang their equipment on the DOM;

We are very excited to announce that the Dugout Manager is one of the most sold organizers in the world today. We have supplied many Leagues, travel ball teams, colleges, and high schools for both baseball and softball in Canada, and across the USA including Hawaii.

We are proud to say the Dugout Manager is manufactured in Irvine, California!
softball organizer

Single DOM's $19.99 Team price $16.99

Our organizer has now become the choice and solution for both the Travel Club teams and the individual players in recreational ball. The Dugout Manager eliminates the mess and is perfect for little league baseball, city league; fast pitch, slow pitches softball, high school teams, and college teams. Players can grab their sporting equipment at a moment’s notice without confusion or chaos. Your team will also look professional and parents and coaches can focus and enjoy the game.

The DOM even has a cup holder, to hold your favorite drink!

"Great Product! The dugout manager is a sport softball and baseball dugout organizer that is easy for the players to keep track of their equipment, bat, helmet, glove and the bottle of water. The team loves it and it gives them the responsibility to take ownership of their game. I 100% recommend the dugout manager." The Firecrackers