You will not find a product like the DOM anywhere in the world. The DOM hangs the water bottle, the glove, the helmet, the jacket, the visor, and even the catcher's equipment. And it comes with a carabiner so that children can hang it in the bag, and also with foam so that baseball players can hang their helmets.
                                                                     All Dugout Managers have a 100% Guarantee and a lifetime warranty.
          FREE SHIPPING WHEN YOU ORDER 10 OR MORE. UNITED STATE USE PROMO CODE: Sty8306462  CANADA USE PROMO CODE: oka3054185                        
                                                                                  The DOM 2 Dimensions are: 9 1/9 X 4 1/4 X 9 1. 
                                                                               Call us if you need more information (800) 890-8987)

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